Senior Front End Engineer - Monetisation - Fully Remote, Warrington, Veed.io

Published 2022-08-07
Expires 2022-09-07
ID #1118057871
Senior Front End Engineer - Monetisation - Fully Remote, Warrington, Veed.io
United Kingdom, Cheshire, Warrington,
Published August 7, 2022

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Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Per annum
Occupation: Senior front end engineer - monetisation - fully remote
Work from home:

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VEED.IO is an online video editing platform that makes creative videos easy and accessible to all. Our platform is used by millions of creators around the world who use our products to tell stories, create content, grow audiences and more and hey, you might even know some of them We're at a super interesting stage right now: 24 months ago we had no staff and no money, and now things are going pretty well. We're at $6M ARR, 80 people, and we're one of the most popular video editors in the world. As our user base grows, so does our talented team — we'd love for you to be a part of that journey. At VEED, we have a simple mission: making creative storytelling with video simple and accessible for everyone. That's why we're shifting from building "just" a video editor to building a suite of tools that allow anyone to make great videos. Within the monetisation team, we’re focused on creating value for our power users and charging for it. What will you be doing? You'll be working on many different things The monetisation team has a lot of ownership across VEED and we work on payments, upgrades, checkout experience but also packaging and positioning. You'll be building A/B experiments we want to run, improving our checkout flow, optimising upgrade touch points like the pricing page, overhauling our cancellation flow, implementing additional payment methods and much more. You'll be working on the frontend with ReactJS , interface with our Node APIs , and work with NextJS to help us across our many different monetisation initiatives. Who are we looking for? We are searching for someone who is enthusiastic about solving complex technical issues, takes pleasure in their own work, and enjoys exploring new ideas to develop innovative things. We truly believe that the greatest candidates do not think of themselves as simply engineers, rather, they see themselves as makers who focus on numbers for high-performance outcomes. This implies being confident working on a wide range of concepts that may be entirely new to you. We know that not everyone fits into boxes and we are all always learning, however here are a few things that we are looking for: Someone who is experienced in ReactJS and has a strong knowledge of JS fundamentals. NextJS and/or experience working with Stripe's API will be a huge advantage We care about how we write our code. So we are looking for someone who is comfortable going through code reviews, knows or would like to learn about testing their code and making it more performant Have a startup mentality, be a problem solver, and focus on getting things done We would like to see you have a good bit of theoretical knowledge in areas you have worked in and are interested in Someone who can roll up their sleeves and jump on different things. Since the initiatives of the monetisation team touch the code of different teams across our organization, it's not always as simple and straightforward as we might hope. You don't need to know it all, but someone who is not scared of a challenge Be able to contribute to the culture of engineering excellence by writing better documentation, mentoring junior teammates and improving processes around engineering in general Our hiring process We pride ourselves on being a fair and diverse employer, with a transparent hiring process. Our interview process consists of the following few stages: An initial phone screening with our talent acquisition partner to tell you more about the role and VEED and make sure it's a good fit for both of us An introductory chat with one of our team leaders to discuss your skill set and previous experience, with an opportunity to answer any immediate questions you may have A technical interview in which you'll be asked to program something simple and submit it to us. We don't do whiteboard interviews or abstract algorithm challenges With a member of the team, we'll talk through the test - you'll be asked to describe what the code does and we'll discuss ways to improve it - this is to get a sense of how you approach problems and solutions for different scenarios. We are all unique after all What makes us special Work remotely? Work from home with your dog? Work in a cafe? Need a few days off? Swap a weekday for a weekend? Working a half-day? All of the above is 100% good for us Our entire team is remote and always has been. This is our work-from-home view everyday We are happy as long as you’re happy. You will have the freedom and autonomy you need to make decisions and do your best work. Our team is smart, energetic, extremely talented and driven. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we all love what we do. OH, one more thing We would really encourage applications from ALL candidates. Our team is diverse in every way possible and we want to keep it that way :)

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