Senior .net Software Engineer, London, Entelect Uk

Published 2022-06-24
Expires 2022-07-24
ID #1058464153
Senior .net Software Engineer, London, Entelect Uk
United Kingdom, London, London,
Published June 24, 2022

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Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Senior .net software engineer

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When you join Entelect, you’re not just joining a leading software development company, you become part of something bigger. You become part of a team of ambitious, confident, motivated and smart people, who will inspire you to go further, to do more than you thought possible. You become part of a company that sees potential: potential in our clients, potential in our products and potential in you. Because we believe that if we give you everything you need to be successful, you will be. That you will become more and do great things. As an Entelect Software Engineer working on the Microsoft stack, you’re basically a ninja. You’re fast becoming a master at Web API, MVC, JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or React and your ORM of choice (nHibernate or perhaps, Entity Framework). You’re comfortable creating applications for web, desktop and mobile. But we’re all ninjas here, so you’re in good company. What we’ve worked on lately At Entelect, we’re working on more than 80 projects at any given time. Here are some to whet your appetite:Building loyalty platforms designed to drive consumer behaviour and help improve the health and wellness of South Africans.Designing and developing high-performance web applications that enable multinational organisations to track risks, including fraud and white-collar crime, across the globe, in real time.Developing software for a surgical skill simulation portal that measures surgical skill proficiency; enabling trainee surgeons to practice, track and measure their skills remotely. Imagining, designing and implementing an Android app for an agricultural company to help agronomists and sales agents share valuable data in real time; optimising smart agriculture solutions in an industry that is highly susceptible to minor fluctuations in conditions.Helping one of South Africa’s largest vehicle fleet management companies accurately price project costs for hundreds of specialised vehicles, down to the cents per kilometre, to provide more competitive products to consumers.Developing reliable processes, visual dashboards and tracking tools to monitor the delivery of schoolbooks across South Africa.Learning and implementing complex tax and duty tracking tools that enable the world’s largest commodity traders to operate in multiple markets. What you’ll actually be doingJoining a company with more than 16 years’ experience in software craftsmanship; a company known for hiring, continuously growing, and retaining the best people in the industry.Working with teams with a common goal: to solve complex business problems, to drive excellence and to make an impact, while pushing yourself and others to become more.Using your knowledge and experience to develop world-class, high-quality web and mobile applications for some of the country’s leading organisations.Getting involved in various parts of the SDLC – maybe having to do a bit of analysis, design and architecture work as part of your dev tasks.Looking at ways to improve the quality of the product we ship through the use of containerisation and continuous integration to create a well-oiled DevOps process.Researching cutting-edge technologies; and identifying ways to apply them into your project. How you’ll do thisBy leaning on your mastery of software engineering ninjutsu: best practices, clean code, design patterns and principles.By working with the other deadly ninjas on your team; training, learning and sharing knowledge to complete your mission.By understanding how the business and the technology can combine to add true value to your customer and project.By pushing the limits, asking questions and challenging preconceived notions of what’s possible. Because, at Entelect, we believe everything is possible.By being agile and planning properly, but being open and able to accommodate change when necessary. So you prioritise, you adjust and you get things done.By having access to everything you need to become the best at what you do: the facilities, resources and autonomy you need to become more. What your typical day could look like  You arrive at the office and join your colleagues for the morning team coffee run, while discussing the social meet-up that’s happening tonight. You make a mental note to let your partner know that you’ll be out for dinner. That’s on us. This morning’s stand up highlights a problem that a team member is facing. You volunteer to help them out. An hour of pair programming later, your team member is on the right track meaning you can move onto that other big-ticket item you’ve been designing in your head for the past few days. You put your headphones on and set about coding your design into a reality. After seeing that your unit tests pass, you commit and push…and watch in anticipation as the build monitor lets you know that it’s been deployed. Awesome! Before grabbing lunch, you get side-tracked by a debate taking place in another squad regarding whether to go with Chef or Ansible. You add your two cents, biased because you had once contributed to that open source project. High fives and back pats all round. Good job! You have 20 minutes free before your demo, so you decide to knock off some technical debt. You spend the next hour having a successful demo with the customer and then rush off to a training session on event sourcing. With a happy customer and having learnt something new, you stop by the bar for a beer with your colleagues while deciding whether to stay for this evening’s LAN or head straight home.Today was a good day. Tomorrow will be too. Technologies you could be working with.Net.Net CoreAzure Cloud ServicesASP.Net MVCASP.Net WebAPIWCFNHibernateEntity FrameworkUnity DICastle WindsorSpring.NetNinjectAngularAngularJSReactVue.jsKnockoutXamarinData tools such asOraclePostgreSQLMicrosoft SQLNeo4jMongoCouchDB What we need from you A bachelor’s degree in IT or Sciences (BSc, BIS, BEng or BCom)A passion for delivering well-crafted solutions, systems and services that make an impact for your client.Knowledge of.NET and peripheral technologies.The ability to build applications within an enterprise environment.Solid understanding of software engineering fundamentals.Commitment to building software using clean code and industry best practices.A hunger to continually improve by constantly evolving and adapting your skills. A desire to embrace a challenge and be driven by excellence.The ability to collaborate and bring your unique contributions to a team environment.A passion to build strong relationships and a great career.A friendly outlook.

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